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  • PD/GWSS Board Recommends Funding of 11 Research Projects

    At their April meeting the PD/GWSS Board voted to recommend the funding of 11 research projects including six for Pierce’s disease (PD), one for the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), two for red blotch (GRBaV), and two for vine mealybug (VMB), for a total cost of approximately $2.75 million. Thirteen other projects were considered but were not recommended for funding. PD/GWSS Board member Steve McIntyre, a grower from Monterey, who heads up the Board’s Research Screening Committee, said, “We were happy to receive proposals for conducting research on the other recently designated pests and diseases of winegrapes, and look forward to seeing the results of this research. We thank everyone who was involved in the review process for helping us select the best projects to fund.”

  • PD/GWSS Referendum Vote Extended to June 10

    The CDFA announced on Friday, May 8 that it is extending the voting deadline for the PD/GWSS referendum to June 10. This is being done to ensure the minimum eligible grower participation rate of 40 percent required by law for this program is reached.

    Duplicate ballots will be sent to all growers whose votes had not been received as of May 11; they are asked to vote and return their ballots by the new deadline.

    Depending on how wineries reported grower information, some ballots may have gone to management companies on behalf of growers. Growers who use management companies should check with them to see if any ballots have been received.

     The CDFA sent out over 7,000 ballots on April 10 to every grower who paid the assessment on grapes crushed in 2014. Growers who represent more than one entity will receive a ballot for each entity. They are not duplicates and should be voted on and returned to CDFA.

    Growers who believe they are entitled to vote but did not receive a ballot should call the CDFA Marketing Branch at (916) 900-5018.