Designation of Other Pests & Diseases

In 2010, winegrape growers in California voted overwhelmingly to extend the assessment on winegrapes for another five years to fund research to find a solution to Pierce’s disease.

In addition to extending the assessment, growers voted to expand the uses of the assessment to include research and outreach on other pests and diseases of winegrapes. These pests and diseases must pose serious dangers to winegrapes, and efforts directed toward them must not substantially diminish the efforts on Pierce’s disease.

The PD/GWSS Board has established a process to follow to ensure that a candidate pest or disease meets the criteria set forth in the legislation giving the Board the authority to designate other pests and diseases.

  • Click here to download a flowchart on the process
  • Click here to download the worksheet the Board uses to evaluate a suggested new pest or disease.

Any stakeholder may suggest a pest or disease for consideration. For more information or questions, please call the CDFA Pierce’s Disease Control Program at 916-900-5024 or click here to email.

Current pests or diseases that have received the designation as a threat to California’s winegrapes.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) Fact Sheet
Grapevine Fanleaf Virus
Grapevine Leafroll Disease Fact Sheet
Mealybugs Fact Sheet (Longtailed, Grape, and Obscure)
Red Blotch (GRBaV) Fact Sheet
Vine Mealybug (VMB) Fact Sheet

Click here for more information on mealybug management options

European Grapevine Moth (EGVM)


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