PD/GWSS Board Video Channel Takes You Directly to the Research

Find out about the latest PD/GWSS research developments on the YouTube PD/GWSS Board Channel.

Find out about the latest PD/GWSS research developments on the YouTube PD/GWSS Board Channel.

From the lab to field trials, the PD/GWSS Board Video Channel gives you a chance to see the work taking place across the state to find solutions to Pierce’s disease (PD).

The channel features a host of short videos with interviews of researchers, as well as others, who are all involved in finding solutions for PD or controlling the spread of the glassy-winged sharpshooter. From wine tastings to field trials to rearing predatory wasps, these videos take you right into the lab or vineyard and help you better understand the work that is being done.

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2014 PD Research Symposium Highlights

The 2014 Pierce’s Disease (PD) Research Symposium held in Sacramento December 16-17 highlighted research progress and promising new products, technologies and mechanisms to prevent and control PD in grapevines. These include: traditionally-bred PD-resistant cultivars, the development of microbiological and transgenic mechanisms to suppress PD, and new directions to control PD’s vector–the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS).


Click here for the entire article.

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Invasive pests cost Americans millions

A snail as big as your foot, an insect the size of chocolate sprinkles and a mold related to the one that caused the Irish potato famine are on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s list of the top pests that threaten America’s crops and forestland.

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Winter 2013 Newsletter Available Online

Interested in the EGVM quarantine rollback? How about a new pest invading California’s vineyards? Do you know what the RSAP does for PD? Read about all that and more in the 2013 Winter PD/GWSS Board Bulletin.

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Two Board Members Set to Depart

Herb Schmidt and Pete Downs, two of the original members of the PD/GWSS Board, will soon be leaving their positions. Their commitment and dedication since the establishment of the Board have helped keep the grape industry alive and well in California.

“It’s the hard work and dedication of Board members like Pete and Herb that enables us to continue to succeed in our fight against Pierce’s disease and other pests and diseases of winegrapes,” said PDCP Statewide Coordinator Bob Wynn. “It was a privilege for the CDFA and PD/GWSS Board to have such valuable members contributing their time and expertise to helping protect California’s winegrape industry.”

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GWSS Detection Program News

As part of protecting California from Pierce’s disease, the PDCP and county cooperators maintain a network of insect traps to actively monitor the state’s uninfested areas and rapidly detect any occurrences of glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS) in new areas. This monitoring effort is coordinated where possible with other ongoing insect detection activities, such as those for Asian citrus psyllid, to maximize the overall effectiveness of the pest detection effort. In recent months this ongoing vigilance netted five separate detections of GWSS in new areas. From late August through September, single GWSS were trapped in Lemoore (Kings County), Chowchilla (Madera County), and Dinuba, Tulare, and Visalia (Tulare County). In each case, the County Agricultural Commissioner’s office quickly responded to the finds by conducting visual surveys and placing additional traps around the find sites. In each case, no additional GWSS were found. These results show that the GWSS containment effort continues to be effective and that trapping and detection activities are important components in the statewide effort against Pierce’s disease and its vectors.

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European Grapevine Moth Award

The USDA announced the APHIS Administrator’s Award will be presented to the European grapevine moth (EGVM) eradication program for its work in preventing the establishment of the EGVM in California.

Read more about the award in Imperial Valley News, here

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PD Symposium to Take the Year Off

A Pierce’s Disease Research Symposium will not be held in 2012. However, a proceedings-type document will still be prepared containing progress reports on current PD/GWSS research.

“This decision was based on many factors, including the maturity of the PD/GWSS research efforts and the need to allow field trials to continue to progress,” said Bob Wynn, PD Control Program Statewide Coordinator.

The next symposium is planned for 2013.

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New PDCP Board Member

Nat DiBuduo, President of Allied Grape Growers, has been appointed to the Pierce’s Disease/Glassy-winged Sharpshooter Board representing the North Valley Area. Nat holds a Pest Control Advisor’s license, and his years of industry experience will make him an invaluable resource to the Board.

Nat is filling a position previously held by one of the original members of the Board, Bradford Lange of LangeTwins Family Winery and Vineyards. The CDFA PD/GWSS Board would like to extend great thanks to Mr. Lange for his dedicated service to the Board.

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CDFA Announces 2012 Pierce’s Disease Assessment Rate

CDFA Announces 2012 Pierce’s Disease Assessment Rate

CDFA Secretary Karen Ross has set the Pierce’s disease winegrape assessment for the 2012 harvest at $1.00 per $1,000 of value, based on the recommendation made by the PD/GWSS Board at its June board meeting.

The assessment is used to fund research to find a solution to Pierce’s disease (PD), and other activities related to the transmittal of PD, a bacterial disease vectored by the glassy-winged sharpshooter that kills grapevines.

For more information about the PD/GWSS Board and how assessment funds have been used, visit www.pdgwss.net.

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