Update On Traditional Breeding
of PD-Resistant Winegrapes

Twenty PD-resistant winegrape selections are being advanced to Foundation Plant Services (FPS) for certification.  Of these, five are in pre-release to nurseries. While intended as blending grapes, wines from these PD-resistant vines have shown great flavor profiles on their own.

“These vines have been tested repeatedly for resistance to PD, and have been evaluated for their wine quality by professionals and other researchers as well, and they will soon be ready for commercial release,” said Dr. Andy Walker, the UC Davis researcher in charge of the breeding effort.

In addition to the 20 winegrape scions, three PD-resistant rootstocks have also been advanced to FPS for certification.

Dr. Walker said he expects the first commercial sales of some of the selections to begin in 2020, with more being available in the following years.

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