Click below to see and hear video about the PD/GWSS Board, research and what winegrape growers have to say about the threat and the assessment.


These are just a few of the videos available on the YouTube PD/GWSS Board Video Channel.

Click here to see and hear more about the latest PD/GWSS research developments.

Five different genes, each showing evidence that they can stop Xylella fastidiosa, the bacterium that causes Pierce’s disease and kills vines, are being added to root stocks. Dr. David Gilchrist from UC Davis explains how they work.

See how Fresno County Department of Agriculture fights the glassy-winged sharpshooter infestation in the greater Fresno area.

Dr. Elaine Backus, an entomologist at the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s San Joaquin Valley Agricultural Science Center in Parlier, is learning how glassy-winged sharpshooters transfers Pierce’s disease causing bacteria to grapevines in hopes of learning an important piece of information for developing a defense against the disease.

Breeding tiny parasitic wasps for release to control the spread of the glassy-winged sharpshooter, a carrier of Pierce’s disease which is deadly to grape vines.

Dr. Abhaya M. Dandakar, from UC Davis, discusses his research into developing Pierce’s disease resistant grape root stock that produce their own proteins to inhibit the spread of Pierce’s disease within a vine once infected. His method is currently undergoing field trials.

Dr. Andy Walker, at UC Davis, talks about traditional plant breeding of Pierce’s disease resistant winegrape vines.

Dr. Steven Lindow, UC Berkeley, talks about his ongoing field trials to create winegrape vines that are resistant to Pierce’s Disease, which is deadly to grape vines and is spread by both the glassy-winged and blue-green sharpshooters.

Dana Merrill, a winegrape grower from Paso Robles, talks about creating the PD/GWSS Board and how it has helped to save Californian’s winegrape industry.

Ben Drake, a winegrape grower from Temecula, talks about how the area was devastated by the combination of Pierce’s disease and the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter in 1999 to 2000.

Dana Merrill, a winegrape grower from Paso Robles, talks about how the PD/GWSS Board gives winegrape growers a voice into how their assessment moneys is spent on research.

Marc Cuneo, a winegrape grower from Sonoma, warns that his biggest fear in the battle against PD/GWSS is complacency among his fellow winegrape growers.

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